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V3115-99 – U. Description Quantity 1 V3005 WS1 Spacer Stack Assembly 1 2 V3004 Drive Cap ASY 1 3 Back Plate Refer to Programming and Cover Drawing Manual 1 4a V3011* WS1. 25; N&250;mero de Parte VCF21031 VCW21021 VCF21001 VCW21031 VCW21011 VCW41001 VCF21201 VCW21211 VCW41311; RESIDENCIAL RESIDENCIAL RESIDENCIAL / COMERCIAL LIGERO Servicio (gpm) 27: 27:. The system is now ready for startup Systems With A.

Page 6 WS2H and WS3 Programming and Wiring Manual Set clock from any USER fi eld. Page 4 CK and EQ Manual CK and EQ Front Cover and Drive Assembly Drawing No. ws1 clack manual cobra corsica manual asvab stusy guide This is a video on how to program your WS1, Clack, Nelsen C Series, Watts Brand, Control Valve for your.

This provides water treatment professionals a great deal of flexibility in system design and greatly reduces inventory requirements. AC adapter wire connection A B C or STEP 4SS - Use or to switch between: 1-99 Days Between Regeneration - Regeneration. V&225;lvula Clack para filtro o suavizador modelo WS1. 25 Drawings and Service Manual 6 2 4b 4aWS1 Drive Cap Assembly, Downflow Piston, Upflow Piston, Regenerant Piston and Spacer Stack Assembly Drawing No.

Clack Zur Bearbeitung hier klicken CI Programming and Front Cover manual. Allow water to run until clear 4. This feature splits the regeneration into two portions. Description Quantity 1 V3692-01GD WS1LP FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY GD 1 2 V3107-01 WS1 MOTOR ASY 1 3 V3106-01 WS1 DRIVE BRACKET & SPRING CLIP 1 4 V3757CK-02BOARD WS1 THRU 2 CK PC BRD REPL 1 V3757EQ-02BOARD WS1 THRU 2 EQ PC BRD REPL 5 V3110 WS1 DRIVE REDUCING GEAR.

Product manuals water tec of tucson. In many ways, the Clack water softener valve has the best of all the others. &201;ste documento no debe ser utilizado como manual de un sistema completo. These valves also come with an advanced microprocessor that has terrific access.

13 inches Item Weight 7. Note that it is desirable to be. Las v&225;lvulas Clack digitales facilitan la programaci&243;n a los usuarios, son f&225;ciles de instalar y durables. Information in this manual is different than what is needed for installation and servicing of a particular water treatment system. As the primary control center to direct and regulate all cycles of a downflow regeneration water softener or filter. pdf: File Size: 5219 kb: File Type: pdf: Datei herunterladen. It can be set to perform downflow regeneration.

. All you need to do is to set the time of day, and then set the number of days the Pyrolox filter will run before it backwashes automatically. There is also a handy manual built into the faceplate, so you can quickly find the information you need without digging around for the paper manual. Differential pressure switch connection B. The WS1 Series valves are manufactured from composite plastics and can provide flow rates up to 27 GPM. 25” Control Valve Series Model: WS1.

Featured image from Amazon. Download Installation, operation & maintenance manual of Clack WS1 Series Control Unit, Water Dispenser for. pdf: File Size: 612 kb: File Type: pdf: Datei herunterladen. Bitte lesen Sie die Betriebsanleitung vor der Inbetriebnahme und Betrieb der Anlage gr&252;ndlich durch. The fi rst portion of the.

Page 6 WS1 & WS1. CK_EQ Programming and Front Cover Manual. Alternative valve guide, water specialist control valve, water Softener Control Valves. Fully open a cold water faucet downstream of the system 3. . As mentioned above, the double backwash. They are among the most reliable, user friendly and easy to operate Control Valves on the market. Clack WS1 Water Softener Ultimate Guide.

Overview: Clack WS1 Control Valves are designed for residential, commercial and industrial water conditioning equipment. 25 control valve is manufactured as a softener, the control valve can be ordered to perform downfl ow or upfl ow. Clack valves:: ws1tc & ws1. 25 manual dime water. Water Specialist 1. Database contains 6 Clack WS1 Series Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Manual, Installation, operation & maintenance manual.

25tc ws1 clack manual programming manual. 5EE/2LEE P&225;gina 3 Pantalla de Usuario 1 Pantalla de usuario t&237;pica. Parts compatible with all Clack WS1 and WS1. You can also find a summary programming card located inside the front cover of the Clack WS1 control valve. See various Clack Valves on manufacturer's website.

La valvola CLACK &232; stata progettata per un’alta portata di servizio: – Capacit&224; ciclica superiore del 15% rispetto un addolcitore tradizionale a parit&224; di contenuto di resina. 25 Series Clack Conrol Valve. All genuine Clack Corporation items. 1 Servicehotline: 06106/7701030 Achtung! Si ha sido seleccionado "volumen" en el paso de Configuraci&243;n 3CS, muestra el volumen restante antes de ws1 clack manual regenerar, si no fue seleccionado, esta pantalla no ser&225; mostrada. 5", 2" and 2"QC Drawings and Service Manual Page 11 1.

REVIEW OVERVIEW: Ease of Use: Assembly Time. The default number of days between. The Clack service manual covers other types of systems as well such as water softeners and filters, so there may be information in your. Motor wire connection C.

Clack V3007-02LF Specifications & Service Manual WS1 Clack Parts & Accessories Product information Package Dimensions 7. Manual de Operaci&243;n e Instalaci&243;n s&243;lo para el fabricante Lea por favor: &201;ste manual de operaci&243;n e instrucciones es para el entrena-miento del fabricante y para que el fabricante lo utilice. ADDOLCITORE ACQUA PER CASA CON VALVOLA ELETTRONICA CLACK WS1 CI.

8 m3/hr) As for backwash, the valves can service tanks up to 63" diameter. 25 OEM Drawings and Service Manual. When the WS1CS or WS1. They are designed for residential, commercial, and industrial use with sizes up to 3" and flow rates up to 250 GPM (56. The valve acts as a primary center that directs and regulates all cycles of water softening or filtration.

5 valves there will be an option to delay the last two cycles of regeneration (only “Rinse” and “Fill”). In comparison with all the other valves on our list, we give the Clack 4. EI Programming and Front Cover Manual. It has a backwash abilitiy capable of servicing up to 22″ diameter tanks. Conexiones: 1″ NPT: Material: Noryl: Rosca en la base: 2. Charger Water is dedicated to continually finding additional ways to support our ws1 clack manual dealers.

5, WS2 & WS2QC Service Manual WS2H & WS3 Service Manual WS1 & WS1. International Supply Voltage 120 V AC 230V AC Supply Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz Output Voltage 12 V AC 12 V AC Output Current 500 mA 500 mA Refer to Control Valve Service Manual for other drawings and part numbers. 25 TC Manual Page 7 STEP 4SS STEP 5SS Return to Normal Mode NOTE: A regeneration will be initiated or scheduled after the control has received a signal for two minutes to the DP Input (Item A). An der Anlage d&252;rfen nur Personen arbeiten, die diese gelesen und verstanden haben. Download Clack Valve Service Manuals from Clack Corporation's website. 5, ws2 and ws2qc service manual. The cycles can be set for downflow or upflow. 25” Modelo: WS1.

CI Man u al Page 7 Step 4CS –. 7 ounces Manufacturer Clack Corporation ASIN B005VPNA4C Best Sellers Rank 3,304,866 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement). Also includes Structural mineral tank and Clack brine tank. 25 service manual.

Description Quantity 1 V3175EE-01 WS1EE FRONT COVER ASSEmBly 1 2 V3107-01 WS1 mOTOR 1 3 V3106-01 WS1 DRIVE BRACkET & SpRINg ClIp 1 4 V3408EA-03BOARD WS1THRU2l/2 EApCBRD mAV/AlT REpl 1 5 V3110 WS1 DRIVE gEAR 12x36 3 6 V3109 WS1 DRIVE gEAR COVER 1 Not Shown V3186 WS1 AC ADApTER 110V-12V 1 V3186-01 WS1 AC ADApTER CORD ONly Not Shown V3178 WS1. 25 (RESIDENCIAL / COMERCIAL LIGERO) N&250;mero de Proveedor WS1EE WS1 WS1. Clack’s WS1 Automatic valve is a state-of-the-art control head designed for residential and commercial applications requiring flow rates up to 27 GPM (6. Clack Valve Reference Guide Web Link WS1 & 1.

Manual Clack Valve WS1 - WS1. ws1 quickstart manual. Si no se utiliza medidor esta pantalla no mostrar&225; cambio alguno. 5 Valves WS2 Valve For Clack Corporation alternator systems using WS1, WS1. Turn off the supply water 6.

Clack control valves are state-of-the-art automatic valves that cover a broad range of global applications. WS1 Bypass Assy Part No. 5 out of 5 stars. Close the cold water faucet 5. V&225;lvula Clack WS3 para suavizadores y filtros de agua industriales, conexiones de 3 pulgadas, filtros de hasta 63 pulgadas de di&225;metro, flujos de 250 galones LlamarTipo de cambio: . 25EI Man u al Introduction This manual is about a control valve to be used on water softeners or water fi lters. Pure Aqua supplies Clack control valves that provide several kinds of advantageous features to businesses worldwide. Clack is the new kid on the block; but there are some good reasons to prefer it.

V&225;lvula Clack WS1. de operaci&243;n: 20 psi – 125 psi: Temperatura M&237;n. How to Tell if you have the WS1 or WS1. The following is an example of how to set a valve so that when regeneration is initiated BACKWASH occurs fi rst, dn BRINE occurs second, RINSE occurs third, and FILL occurs fourth. This Clack WS1 Electronic Meter Water Softener includes 48000 grains of total capacity.

It has few moving parts, is cheap to repair, and is extremely reliable. Page 4 EA Manual Drawing No. 25 valves, as well as the Clack Retention Tank and In/Out lines. Welcome to ClackValves. All systems have a. There are three operation modes: meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock delayed. V3186UK WS1 AC ADAPTER 220-240V-12V UK V3186-01 WS1 AC ADAPTER CORD ONLY Not Shown V3178 WS1 DRIVE BACKPLATE 1 AC Adapter U. The manual is designed to aid water treatment equipment manufacturers in the selection of the various control valve options.

cd matrix manual. Service Manuals Water Specialist Control Valve Drawings & Service Manuals. Dabei sind die Sicherheitshinweise strickt zu beachten. TABLA DE COMPARACI&211;N DE V&193;LVULAS CLACK&174; WS1EE (RESIDENCIAL), WS1 (RESIDENCIAL) & WS1.

25CS Service Manual WS1. 25 Drawings and Service Manual Form No. Custom Meter Wiring: 1) Terminate end with a Molex series 2695 housing, part numberand (3) Molex series 41572 (or 40445) pins, part number. Page 4 WS1CS & WS1. Page 4 WS1EI & WS1.

Description Quantity 1 V3176 INJECTOR CAP 1 2 V3152 O-RINGV3177-01 INJECTOR SCREEN CAGE 1 4 V3010-1Z WS1 INJECTOR ASY Z PLUG 1 5 V3010-1A WS1 INJECTOR ASY A BLACK 1 V3010-1B WS1 INJECTOR ASY B BROWN. Patents 6402944,CLACK CORPORATION FIVE-YEAR SOFTENER AND FILTER ws1 clack manual CONTROLS LIMITED WARRANTY Clack Corporation (“Clack”) warrants to OEM that its Softener and Filter Control Valves will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a. Clack WS1 series Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual.

See Valve Body Compliance Table in WS1 & WS1.

Ws1 clack manual

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