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Continue reading. Announced in, the game went through a closed beta and open beta through much of, with its formal official launching on Septem. Ive been learning in co-op games so far and just today tried to do a manual torpedo drop.

World of Warships is a Naval Combat Simulator from Wargaming. Ive just begun my CV career! I seal club in my zuiho because I know there&39;s no Minotaur hidden in a smoke stealth AA-ing from 8.

i have a new venture im wanting to try. 000 damage is completely normal) with a single drop. Start watching it at 4:50 His first attack run he doesnt drop so you get to see what it looks like when planes break off to do an attack run and then rejoin the flight. Avoid USN cruisers (especially Cleveland). There is nothing he can do against a CV 2 tiers above, especially when the CV has AP bombs. All trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships and aircraft are proprietary to the respective rights holders. This video gives my thoughts on the changes, and what you need to know if you missed the. Also to apparently cut down on the experienced players from bringing in a high level commander from higher tiers and ruining new players.

🚩 Play World of Warships: a=1290&c=4692&s1= 🚩 Play World of Tanks : a=1290&c=4705&s1= 🚩 Play Total War Aren. Daily videos covering funny moments compilations, RNG montages, EPIC battles, guides, reviews, regular giveaways. You gotta adapt & find ways to avoid it rather remain to be victim by it. Hi everyone, iv been out of this forum for a bit. This makes it much easier to manual drop with DBs as they will mostly be in the correct position. I know that low tier DDs don&39;t react fast enough against a cv.

with the new RNG torpedo drops and the relative short distance of the torpedo drops you just have to aim correctly, if you do well you can hit 1 or 2 torps on the DDs with minimal difficulty, of course ships like kleber etc will be harder to drop but for the overall DDs like Shima,gearing,YY etc you can hit them. Last game i played need 9 torpedo for sink a Bayern, my planes can shot 2 torps at once, the Bayern don&39;t have a good AA so if you find it alone and you lucky can hit by 4 torps than you must back, 4+4+1 you have to go and come back 3 times, the game is already over and you had. The manual drop launch during beta was much closer. World of Warships is a very intuitive game to anyone familiar with the recent military war-machine series or a first person shooter; it uses standard WASD controls for movement with the mouse controlling the camera, aiming, and firing.

I would appreciate any tips at all to improve my play from tactics to add on&39;s. Forget any chance of surviving a 3 torpedo plane squadron from the Hakuryu if you’re a battleship let alone a cruiser. As far as I&39;ve been able to tell it works the same as manual torpedo drop, just with a smaller bomb circle. World of Warships NEW USS ENTERPRISE. Instead of setting a ship on fire (which can do a lot of damage, or almost nothing at all. Low tiers CV don&39;t have enough planes which can make it painful. I am flying the bombers to a position on the side of a ship then telling them to attack, but I can&39;t pick lead or drop distance.

The only time I see a manual bomb drop being worth it is if someone has run around or run afoul of the blue boarder. ) but with the AP bomb drops you can now do some serious damage (8. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below. to be implemented. Net (the same company behind World of Tanks and World of Warplanes). CVs can also use HE bombs and torpedoes against DDs to deal 6k+ damage per drop.

But most of the time, you just need to spot them for your team and they&39;ll take heavy damage or are forced to smoke up (and thus cannot advance to your position). See more videos for New Manual Bomb Dropping Cv World Of Warships. (ie escorting BBs / micromanaging CVs / manual dropping) ANY ship can be sunk by a CV if it drives in a straight line, for exmaple You can sink a DD, you can sink a BB. Meanwhile low tier had none of the above, and it&39;s fun.

Manual Dropping of Torpedoes/Bombs? But I can only adjust the angle relative to the target - I thought I could also adjust the drop point by making it closer to the target. I have increased boost, Tiny Tim Rockets, the Big Bombs, decreased detectability and a captain with 13 exp points. Attack Aircraft utilize a large number of small-caliber rockets to light fires and strike fast, maneuverable vessels that are lightly armored. the carrier rework has been unveiled and you now get manual control of your squadrons in World of Warships. The thing about CVs if that they are highly dependent on the enemy and what they do, as well as the skill of the individual CV player.

Captains, bomb away! I have the Lexington CV T8 and I&39;m just not playing up to it&39;s full potential. So, forget everything you know about CV in World of Warships, this is a game changer.

In world the latest update, Wargaming removed the ability for Tier 4 and 5 Aircraft carriers to do manual drops and strafing runs to make them &39;more appealing to new players&39; or some such bullshit. lots of great stuff been going on i see. All the support talk for CV&39;s to be like this are from peeps who want them as OP and low skill as possible to play, they&39;re the same peeps that used to use manual drops on low tier matches so much that WG had to remove manual drop from low tier CV&39;s :) Thats the type of people who support this, and anyone who speaks against them be the debil. Here is a video you can watch too to see how the minimap changes depending on the CV players actions. Episode 21 covers the basics for manual torpedo and dive bombing. How anyone is going to be expected to learn how to manual drop against t6/7/8 ships as their planes are mowed out of the air by brutal AA and straffing fighters is totally beyond me. ♦ Join me on Twitch for more fun!

Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships have three types of anti-surface weapons; Attack Aircraft, Torpedo Bombers, and Dive Bombers. With manual drop from 500 meters you don’t need to use a cross drop pattern. Mostly having entire squadrons get chewed up on their attack runs. My team scores are usually in the bottom 3rd. 2 rockets bomb and above all torpedo don&39;t cause enough damage. These few simple controls are enough to complete entire matches, particularly in the early tiers. it involves maken 8 ft long( or bigger) ww2 warship floating silluettes that float upright to be use as rc plane bomb drop targets, my question is mostly a need for side views of ww2 warships, and help figuring out how much below water ill need to make it have the. Mastering these essential skills will help you become a much more lethal carrier captain.

Aircraft in World of Warships come in several variants: some launched from aircraft carriers, some launched from catapults aboard traditional surface combatants. High tier cv gameplay face monster aa, even DDs have defensive AA, high plane cost, low reward because CV economy. One AP bomb drop from a higher tier CV on a Tirpitz or a KGV will remove at video new manual bomb dropping cv world of warships least half of its HP and there is nothing he video new manual bomb dropping cv world of warships can do. RNG has little effect in the manual drop save that on the number of bombs that may or may not hit. Good luck leading even the slowest of battleships though.

Manual video new manual bomb dropping cv world of warships drops/strafes are the single most important part of cv play video new manual bomb dropping cv world of warships and MUST be learned early and without distraction. Use auto drop to get your dive bombers (DBs) close, then zoom in and use manual drop (hold alt) when they are a few seconds from contact. Today is longer manual drop to prevent even newbies to do easy manual drop. RNG is involved against the AA firing ship. How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 7: CV Fundamentals - Duration:. Characteristics of all models are realistically reproduced on the basis of technical elements of warships and aircraft from the first half of the 20th century. Just started with the Langley and my torpedo planes end up dropping weird patterns or dropping them completely off course. at Ptah An average ship can keep changing direction and he will never eat a torp from a DD.

World of Warships - AP Bombs - Duration:. Planes launched from carriers are always under the control of the player; those launched from via catapult and carrier-based fighters are more automated and a player cannot issue specific commands to them once launched. If you still think CVs are weak, watch these two videos. JustforlolzFYI here, your new favorite World of Tanks & World of Warships YouTuber! So while you wait for your requested nerf etc.

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